I am wondering if there are any old,old timers out there that remember Ron . Ron built the first adjustable poundage take down recurve,the first adjustable poundage compound bow,the first twin cam bow"The Dyna2". He had A huge part in designing many of the southern Calif. archery ranges people still enjoy today. He also coached Luann Ryon up until about A month before the olympics that she won A gold individual. I am just trying to get some dialog started on A man that shouldnt be forgotten. C...
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Question: Got a poundage compound Bow at a yard sale with "Morrett" on it, please help
Can you post pics here? The link makes you join to view pics.....
Question: Morrett on craigslist
It shows the belly of the limb but nothing else. I wonder if this could have been one of his adjustable recurves? The picture is reaaly poor.
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